Horse and Riders – Famous Rider Trivia Quiz.

In the not too distant past…before the Tin Lizzy and the Wright Bros , a little less than 150 years ago, horses were one of the major means of transportation and power for many activities. Even today we still use the term horse power when classifying the amount of work many of our machines can do. The classic definition is the value James Watt adopted in the late 18th century.

The power to lift 33,000 lbs one foot in one minute. Now I am grateful for many machines I have but none of them can exhibit the affection a horse can. Over the years I have witnesses many images of the love and affection horse and rider have shared that cannot be experienced with a machine. Granted I love my favorite car but it just isn’t the same.

What about you? Do you remember any of the old westerns or historic figures of the past and the horses they rode. I’m sure you could probably add to this list and we encourage you to do so in the comment section.

Here is our list see if you can match up the rider with the horse. Post your score in the comments.

The winner will get the satisfaction that comes from knowing you really know famous horse riders and their horses…sorry wish it could be more. The Answers are at the end…no peeking!

Trivia Quiz-Match Famous Rider and Horse
1 Napoleon   a Thunder
2 Red Ryder   b Tarzan
3 Queen Elizabeth II   c Red Fox
4 Alexander The Great   d Papoose
5 Dale Evans   e Brown Beauty
6 Jesse James   f Burmese
7 Tom Mix   g Fritz
8 Stone Wall Jackson   h Diablo
9 King Author   i Tony
10 Little Beaver   j Traveller
11 General Custer   k Roger Leo
12 George Washington   l Marengo
13 Simon Bolivar   m Llamrei
14 Bill Hart   n Blackie
15 Ken Maynard   o Bucephalus
16 Robert E Lee   p Cincinnati
17 Sitting Bull   q Little Sorrel
18 Paul Revere   r Comanche
19 Ulysses S Grant   s Palomo
20 Cisco Kid   t Buttermilk


I have to put the answers here which is very close to the quiz and I am counting on you not to peek. Place a piece of paper over the answers and finish up I’M WATCHING!!



How did you do? Post your score in the comments and get your bragging rights