Quarter Horse Racing Popularity

 Quarter Horse Racing’s popularity always seems to be on the wane. Do you ever wonder why?

I have always loved everything about America’s horse, the American Quarter Horse. In an effort to post current Quarter Horse racing information, I find a real lack of resources, when compared to the TB racing world. Perhaps this might be one of the many reasons for the lack of public interest.

Most QH races are 440 yds. (1/4 mile or 2 furlongs) long and are over almost before they begin; in the 22+ second range. The regular betting public would rather have a couple of minutes to lose their money and actually be able to hear their favorite’s name called, at least once.

Quarter Horse Racing News

Most of the really big added money races like the All American Futurity are for 2 year olds and because these horses are so young, they have very little racing history to report on. By the time these kids finish their first hectic summer and fall racing schedules, many of them never make it any farther due to injuries.

It also seems that the American Quarter Horse Association is about the only source of historical information on Quarter Horse Racing. For most every report one gets from this organization, an annual membership is required and another charge is made for each individual report. Few non-owners, breeders and trainers are willing to spend this money. Another reason for lack of the betting public’s interest?

Although the Jockey Club, the registration and historical record arm for the Thoroughbred breed does require the purchase of many of their reports, their organization has maintained excellent records over the years and they are available from many sources if one just looks.

In my opinion, the serious bettors want all the information they can get on bloodlines,, racing records, back stories about the horses, trainers, owners and or breeders, before going to the track to wager on Quarter horse racing and it’s just not readily available.

Am I missing something?  Can any of you readers give me some sources on current Quarter Horse racing?  I would really like to share it.

Yes, I know, much of this information can be acquired from the Daily Racing Form. Again, a membership is required. If you have resources or opinions you would like to share please provide them in the comments below.

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