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Oh Hy Oh


Pat Cole

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Oh Hy Oh and his cat, Kaz

As the cool breeze of the early morning gently lifted his silky mane,
Oh Hy Oh gazed out his stall window with luminous brown eyes at the world round him.  The unique blaze in the shape of the number 1 was prophetic of the race horse he would become.   Not much was happening on the farm and the verdant, green grass of the paddock beckoned him.

The young tabby cat, Kaz, sauntered around the corner of the barn with his tail held straight up in the air.  He, too, was bored with waiting on the humans to begin the day’s activities.  In search of some distraction; perhaps an inattentive mouse or other prey, he strolled directly under Oh Hy Oh’s stall window and stopped.

Oh Hy Oh - 2 wks old -No. 1 on face

Oh Hy Oh - 2 wks old -No. 1 on face

The beautiful, sleek, bay neck stretched down to nuzzle the tabby, who froze when the velvety muzzle touched his back and ruffled his fur with his top lip. Gently, ever so gently, the young stallion, Oh Hy Oh, took the cat in his teeth holding him by the hide of his back and lifted him in the air.

With Kaz perfectly stiff, like a fireplace poker, Oh Hy Oh raised his lovely head and stared straight ahead as if waiting to be noticed.  To the casual observer, the cat’s back was sure to be broken.

I very quietly and slowly eased closer while telling Oh Hy Oh, “Drop the cat.”  “Drop the cat.”  I didn’t want to startle him and cause him to hurt Kaz if he was still alive.

Upon closer inspection, Kaz showed absolutely no signs of distress and a very loud prrrr, prrrrr, prrrr emanated from the dangling feline.

After a few minutes displaying the cat, Oh Hy Oh opened his mouth and let him drop easily to the ground.  Oh Hy Oh and Kaz continued their wait for breakfast.

Bo Diamond Dandy and her Cats

No story about my horses would be complete without including a story  about  Oh Hy Oh’s mother, Bo Diamond Dandy and  her own personal cats when she was his age.  She had two of them.  Big white tom cats with the very original names of Two Eyes and Blue Eyes; one had two blue eyes and the other had one green eye and one blue eye.

Early one morning when I walked into Bo Diamond Dandy’s stall, Blue Eyes and Two Eyes were strolling along a purling 8 or 9 feet above the filly’s head.  They stopped, looked down at her and began to slowly twitch the ends of their tails.  I just knew what was coming and began to beg them not to do what they were thinking.

I knew any sudden movement could cause that very fractious filly to spin and kick me across the barn, so I froze in place pleading for the cats to move on.

Blue Eyes and Two Eyes ignored me as only cats can do and just dropped, one after another, straight down landing with all four feet in the middle of her back. My life flashed before my eyes.

Wonder of wonders.  Bo Diamond Dandy calmly continued munching on her hay, never lifting her head.  Those two darn cats just hoped down to the ground and continued their mouse patrol.

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