Secretariat vs Man O War Who was the greatest??

All you engineers, this is question for you. This video offers a unique approach to answering the question of which horse, Man O War or Secretariat was the greatest race horse. Almost 60 years separate the feats of the two horses. Track technology…. Horse shoe technology …. Veterinary medicine…electronic timing devices.. the list of developments and improvements in the world of racing goes on. Of course, it is a question that can never be answered, but will be argued by racing fans forever. At the end of the day, with the two horse’s statistics, what do you think?


Bob Baffert has Heart Attack in Dubai..

Bob Baffert, trainer of Castaway the defeated favorite in Sunday’s $800,000 Sunland Derby is in Dubai for the running of Saturday’s $10 million, Dubai World Cup with Game On Dude.  Baffert suffered a heart attack early Monday morning.  Doctors in Dubai inserted 3 stents in clogged arteries.  Baffert should be released from the hospital on Thursday and will have to remain in Dubai for 8 to 10 days of recovery before being allowed to fly home.


Do Thoroughbred Horses have a Speed Gene?

Scientists have traced the origin of the “speed gene” back to a British Mare 300 years ago and linked it to modern racehorses according to an article written by University College Dublin which credits findings published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

The study used DNA collected from close to 600 horses, from 22 breeds, 12 lengendary thoroughbred stallions and 330 elite modern thoroughbreds from 3 continents.

Their article also provides some interesting facts about the evolution of hose racing. Will knowledge of a speed gene change convenional beliefs in breeding?  Time as always will tell.




Secretariat aka Big Red – 1973 Triple Crown Winner

There has never been a horse like him. Secretariat was truly magnificient. Everyone in his entourage adored him and he treated all of them well. It’s said he was a real arrogant ham. Just let a camera be pointed at him and he would stop, puff up like a weight lifter and pose. He set a record in the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes and those records still stand to this day. This is a video of Secretariat winning the Belmont Stakes by 30 lengths and becoming the Triple Crown Winner.

Secretariat was named Horse of the Year as a two year old, which just doesn’t happen. I’ve heard it said that a horse that closes like Secretariat isn’t really running that much faster than the leader, the leader is just tiring and slowing. Wrong… Oh, wrong…. Secretariat proved repeatedly, that he could just get faster and faster throughout the entire race.

Secretariat lived to the age of 19 and his blood lives on through his progeny.  It is interesting to note that Secretariat shows up in the pedigree of several of the top contenders for the 2012 Kentucky Derby; namely  Hansen, Union Rags, Creative Cause and Secret Circle..